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Best places to swim near Hütte Waldzeit

Summer holidays at Hütte Waldzeit are dreamy, with plenty of hiking, cycling and swimming opportunities to keep you entertained. The list of swimming spots nearby is extensive, but here are our top 5 recommendations to get you started.

1) Salvenaland:

The Salvenaland swimming area is just 5 minutes from Hütte Waldzeit. With its beautiful swimming lake and outdoor pool, it's a great spot for some summer swimming. There is also an 'iceberg' installation in the lake that you can climb up, as well as a water trampoline. The cosy loungers offer space for sunbathing and there is plenty of shade coverage under trees for warm sunny days.

The neighbouring Salvenaland Leisure Centre has loads of attractions too - including games, mini-golf and a summer toboggan run. There is also a restaurant and a separate kiosk that offer both traditional and international meals, ice-creams, coffee, cake and snacks.

2) The Hintersteiner See:

The Hintersteiner See is breathtakingly beautiful. Its crystal clear water, tree‑lined banks, and impressive mountain backdrops make it a great day trip destination. There are plenty of traditional alms too where you can grab a some Austrian food and a refreshing Radler. Paddle boarding is also possible on the lake and there also some fantastic hiking routes too.

3) The Achensee:

The Achensee is Tirol’s largest lake, and is also an easy day trip destination from Hütte Waldzeit. Its an amazing place for swimming, water based activities such as stand‑up paddle boarding and boat rides, and has loads of attractions and eateries. The Achensee is definitely one for the list whilst staying at Hütte Waldzeit.

4) The Kelchsauer Ache:

The Kelchsauer Ache is the stunning alpine river that runs past Hütte Waldzeit, and is a great spot for paddling in water. Near the river source above Kelchsau, there are also a few smaller lakes that are amazing for a quick wild swim after hiking ‑ the Wildalmsee, the Oberer Wildalmsee and the Reinkarsee.

5) The Schwarzsee:

Kitzbühel and the Schwarzsee are about 25 minutes from Hütte Waldzeit. Both are great spots to explore whilst staying at the hut, and the Schwarzsee is a lovely place to go for a swim. There is a short 2 mile walk around the lake that weaves through the local forest, which we like to walk before we go for a dip in the lake.

Lake in tirol
Lake near Hütte Waldzeit (Image Credit: Region Hohe Salve)


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